About the Designer

Designer Jai Isadora Calo turned her tragedy into triumph and created a brand that can be fashioned in all seasons despite living with PTSD. A  firm believer that recovery is possible with the right support system. Jai continues to advocate for mental health through programs that reach and teach individuals in hospitals and in her clubhouse. She previously was certified through the State of RI department of Behavioral healthcare Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals as a peer specialist.

Utilizing her knowledge of Dialectal behavior therapy (DBT), Jai has transformed her everyday struggles into her dream.  

Life will throw lemons; but as they say you just have to make lemonade.  I am a pioneer of excellence and my spirit is strong. I am very grateful to my genuine supporters. Don't let the world change your smile!

                                                        xoxo Jai Isadora Calo

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