About the Designer

I designed this brand for the sole intent to recover from my PTSD and to let the world know that recovery is possible. No matter what your story is, there is always a silver lining in every traumatic event. It may not seem like that through dark times, but rest assure that no weapon formed against you shall prosper! Isaiah 54:17

For me, I turned my pain to passion with the grace of God  and Truth by my side.

More than  20 Years ago I became a victim of the media's circus and their malicious intentions to sell  their soul for a one sided story . Never did they once think about how it would forever destroy my life and character through defamation and slander.

Tirelessly, I've  reached out to the media in hopes they remove the incorrect stories,

but no one ever responded. The intentions were to capture the audience; sell their products no matter what morals they lacked. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. 

 One thing is certain though; Truth prevails! The Honorable Judge saw right through the

false hoods and genuinely apologized to me. The case was dismissed  and the records were sealed.  

The emotional, mental, and physical trauma scarred me for life. Even after all these years;

I continue to fight cyberbullies, and harassment. I am sharing this personal bio not just because I am tired of people threatening me through social media but because I turned this trauma to triumph! I have changed my name, married a wonderful man and have two extraordinary successful college educated adults. I am passionate about my brand and continue to do everything I can to succeed despite my diagnosis.

Life will throw lemons; but as they say you just have to make lemonade.  I am a pioneer of excellence and my spirit is strong. I am very grateful to my genuine supporters.

 Don't let the world change your smile.

                                                        xoxo Jai Isadora Calo



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