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About us



Straight from the heart and soul of

New York City; an innovative line that captures today’s vibrant culture and lifestyle.


Introducing N.Y.CHULA Ladies wear. A genuine collection of leather/suede designs in an array of enchanting CANDY COLORS.

IN ADDITION TO BEING THE TRAILBLAZER OF TIMELESS quality LEATHER and fur, the brand has also introduced a new vintage Pattern cotton  line. 


N.Y.CHULA is acronym for “New York Community Help Under Loving Authority”

a percentage of everyday proceeds can be distributed to different charities through a direct link on our website. Organizations like Canine for Kids, The Wounded Warrior Project and St. Jude are a few current favorites. 


Although the word “CHULA” is a Spanish word meaning

“a BEAUTIFUL woman” Beauty is not only skin deep! 

Since 2002, designer and philanthropist Jai raised over $10,000 participating in events benefiting Autism, global/local food banks, small business, local charities and continues to provide assistance to new business ventures . 


The fashion industry is a multi billion-dollar industry and resourcefully used it can serve humanity with a new approach. Let us revolutionize the fashion world with kindness and style. 


 Experience the Sweet Taste of Fashion with the N.Y.CHULA "CANDY Cookies  & Cream and Honey" collection.

"Let all that you do be done with Love"

1Corinthians 16:14

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